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Midwest Work Ethic.
Midwest Values.
Midwest Client Relationships.


Midwest Excavation Group LLC. is owned by Brad Lubahn, who prioritizes safety, customer value, and tight deadlines over profit. We are confident that our team of skilled laborers and operators can handle all your commercial and industrial needs.

Midwest Excavation Group LLC. is truly blessed to call greater Grand Rapids and the shoreline communities our home base of business. Let us not forget Holland’s Lake Michigan community as well, beautiful sunsets on the boat, fabulous breeze for those hot summer days working and place of eventual retirement.


  • Always put SAFETY FIRST.
  • Always, each and every day, provide the best product.
  • Always be dependable.
  • Always meet the milestone schedule.
  • Always be within project budget.
  • Always respect our clients and their subcontractor needs.
  • Always encourage team members to achieve greatness.
  • Always keep our Midwestern Business Values.
  • Always keep our Midwestern Work Ethic.


BIG, TOUGH, TECHNICALWe Demo, Excavate, Retrofit & Remediate Them All!

Building a commercial and industrial demolition, environmental site work and excavating site preparation company takes grit, stamina, knowledge, and perseverance, as well as a commitment to be strong in your faith and to have a good working relationship with your customers and vendors.
Striving and Succeeding to be Amongst the Best of the Best!
I’m committed to digging deeper, matching employees to their best fit, and mentoring the younger ones into the next generation – embracing technology and innovation. We commit ourselves to safety, quality and hitting schedules every time, always!

Our company reputation is to get the work done on time, so others can follow up behind us to complete their jobsite milestones. We strive to be team players with our clients and their sub-contractors.

The values by which Midwest Excavation Group LLC. does business can be seen through the high level of quality in our work. We expect to earn your business and will work hard to do so by working with your team to provide a successful completion to your project.

Whether it’s a $20,000 job or a $2 million demolition, excavating or an environmental site cleanup, every job is important to us if it has our name on it. Feel free to give me a call and I will be glad to sit down with a cup of coffee with your company to discuss a working partnership.

Brad Lubahn

Brad's first bulldozer at grandfather's shop Senior year of High School
Brad’s first bulldozer; purchased while still in high school.
midwest demolition
2010 Christmas photo.
Brad's truck and first project after college graduation
1995 photo with daughter Coty, and first new company truck.

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